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Cap de Govern

Heads of Government, Ministers

Negociations. Contacts

We negotiate on behalf of the company with governments, customers, suppliers, etc. for specific tasks. Nationally and internationally.

Project monitoring

Delegation of the company to track a project pipe line: dates, responsibilities, budget, critical path, contracts fulfillment (award and penalty clauses), legal aspects, etc.

Monitoring BackOffice economy

Structured it around a series of economic parameters (general, sector, business) to get a close and continuous monitoring and to establish relationships that help in business decisions making.

Strategic changes

Company’s strategy is redefined. Mission and vision is revised in order to improve marketing / sales performance, better operations and/or optimization of the administrative / economic / financial / tax fields. A detailed work plan is made.


We act as external general manager support for internal issues specific to a certain time. The need may arise from changes in market or increased activity (more turnover, diversification, etc.), among other causes.

Complex balance sheet

Establishing complex balance sheet ad hoc for specific projects: grants, subsidized loans, venture capital, equity loan, business angels, national and international banking pool. Financial engineering.