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Administració Publica

Public Administration

Public or semi-public Sector

  1. Member of the Government Experts Council for strategic change in the country due to changes in the economic cycle. Legislative change. Adapting best foreign practices to the reality of the receiving state: the allocation of responsibilities and funding will promote business, industrial dynamics, promotion, etc.
  2. Project to support the administration of the United States Federal Government to attract foreign capital for specific investment projects.
  3. Project of support to the Government of Quebec (Canada) to raise awareness in Catalonia about the need of investment in human capital and economics for the Great North Project
  4. Continuous preparation of macroeconomic information dossiers for one of the European Union government.
  5. Structuring the operation of a research and innovation fair in Valencia.
  6. Structuring the different Committees of employers (industry, environment, universities) to provide better service to members: Documentation, composition, timings, etc.
  7. Design and structure of strategic plan for the restructuring a professional association: schedule setting, priorities and financial allocations for the holding of companies that support the survival of the institution.